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Cellphone Mount and Switch-Adapter Box

What is it?
This device was developed for a client with dexterity challenges who wanted to use his cellphone without having to rely on his fingers or a caregiver. First, CanAssist created a mount that positions the cellphone at the end of his wheelchair's armrest so it is secure and easy to see. A switch adapter box was positioned nearby, allowing the client to control his cellphone simply by tapping a large button – called an accessibility switch – with the side of his hand. By pressing and holding this switch, he turns the voice-activation system on. Using microphone-equipped headphones, the client can then use the voice-activation feature of his phone to call friends and family and to replay messages.

Key features

  • promotes independent use of cellphone
  • mounts cellphone securely to wheelchair
  • enables control of cellphone with accessibility switch and voice




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